Pixels & Dungeons



Criptofoxy Pixels & Dungeons God

Hello, my name is Kim, better known as cryptofoxy in WAX. I am from Barcelona, Spain.

I have been in WAX since 2021, first as a collector and player, until I decided to create the Waxhispano collection and start with pixel art inspired by games like Pixtalgia and the BrokenDollz waxtridges.

Now the time has come to take it a step further and I have decided to create a game mixing two of my greatest passions D&D and WAX and thus Pixels & Dungeons was born.

The objective of the game is to have fun, create a community where we can discuss the direction the game should take and at the same time earn some NFTs and tokens, which is what we like, but in a fun way.

Welcome to the ever-changing world of Pixels & Dungeons.


KrisJenny "High" Priestess


RichRage Dungeon Master

My name is Rich better known as richrage on wax.

I'm from NY.

I've been A collector since 2021 and love to help with projects.

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