Pixels & Dungeons
Dungeon Master


Bank allows to deposit waxfren, pdwood and pdore

Assets owners can delete uploaded assets


New system to increase xp rewards depending the monster skills

New dungeon rooms for traps


Reward for completing the hydra

The Hydra shield has been increased

Blacksmith in workshops


Responsive changes in homepage

Access to dungeon from colisseum

Dungeon shows floors descended

New big boss at floor 100

Dungeon throw random resources not chests to save RAM


PvP only shows same level or superior

PvP you get more XP with high level heroes

Fixed a link to the pvp tab when you are in guild wars

First concept of the endless dungeon

New item torch in shop DMs can manage price


Colisseum monsters increases challenge after level 10


Fixed workshops and forestry renewals

Optional NFT pass allowed for guilds

New system to upload your designs to the game

Players can vote for best designs

Can fight with shield and weapon broken but without the modifier

You can scan for ballistas in your wallet to increase guld attack

Land owner can mint ballistas for 200 wood

Bakery works with skill level

Recipes in bakery will be unlocked with player skill level


Ban list checked on login

Avoid negative numbers in shield and weapon integrity

Show heroe lvl in pvp arena

Games in tavern backroom works with DICE

Fixed a bug with basket integrity


Checking brothel ownership each week

Added API to check wallet reputation

Fixed issue with wrong level announced on level up

Showing outskirts license expire date

Fixed checking licenses for expiration date in outskirts

Fixed checking licenses for expiration date in workshops

Set in settings if your guild participate in guildwars or not

New compass in shop to show map

New system to view brothel NFTs

Luck boost calculated with Alcor pool staking

New hidden quest sponsored by Richrageedge


Fixed empty page finishing a quest

Fixed issues saving rumours as a DM

Added mushroom basket integrity


Profession skills


Collection data in homepage when logged

Some translation improvements

Own guild not appear in colosseum now

Button return after colosseum victory

Fixed shop special items only on saturdays

Menu counter change in color as a visual notice

Fix for multiple food transfers when one fail

Correction leaderboard prizes for Guilds


Guild wars available

Fixed a bug paying land fees

New page for the Tax collector

Shrooms lose or win 10% health

New special potion to recover 10% health

New guilds wars leaderboard

New golden chest craft with coin bags, ore and branchs

Lost objects is now a mint station


Fixed error with brothels repairs

Farm maximum level 5

Broken gear allow battle but with base shield and attack


Fixed error qith golden chests

Shady merchant comes on saturdays

Counter for pending to accept guilders

Spin wheel for guild owner

20% taxes to the shop merchant go to goverment

Workshops license nwo in shop


Brothels taxes go to prize pot account

Recycle planks and bricks

Collecting taxes for lands

Guild perks added in quests

New wild boar in the huntings

Backpack and bedroll available in game shop


Players can apply for guilds

Guild owner can accept/reject players

Fixed redirect lop in heal potions

Increased rumour rewards

Increased pvp xp rewards

DM menu item shows the number of gift links available

Tavern only shows rumours if there are gift links


More consumable items in backpack

Multiaccount prevention

Quests mint only if success

Improvements checking template ownership

Latest orders in bank show first and show wallet from seller

Owners can cancel own orders in bank

Founders will mint golden chests

Landowners can crate planks and bricks for the guild


Landowners can buy bank orders

When a land building structure fall to 1 produces 1 a day

Fixed Telegram pvp message

Search only one time with success or not


API is ready to send tokens with decimals

When a NFT from pool fails a chest will be send

Brothels music

Colosseum PvP (founders)

Lands can transfer from inventory to land stock

Silly peasants count as workers

New rates in lands, automatically recalculated each week

Forestry and Workshops renewal 2000 coins

Dice chips can be sended memo pixelchips, each bag 10 chips

New wiki link in page bottom

Log file for all the player actions

Waxfrens bot cooldown based on cards tier

New inventory access from any page (backpack need)

Fish, hunt and catch mushrooms only 5 NFTs a day, unlimited tries


Fixed Telegram message for brothel diseases

Random chests/pool nft in search

More NFTs added for shroom effect

Team page


Fixed Telegram message for level up hero

New jail system

Laderboards auto payment

Shroom effect all boost in one and rare NFTs

Healing potion heal shroom effect

New NFTs under the shroom effect


Workshops neighborhood

Bakery can bake food NFTs

Wheat shoing in inventory

Repair kits showing in inventory

Integrity loss in lands -1 day


Brothel anti spam button system

Brothel can't enter when sick

Brothel pregnant message with wallet

Staff can put page offline


Fixed brothel sync

Fix icons in resources exchange

Fix blank selectors in land

Brothel status 0 cant get visitors


Fixed brothel structure loss when illegal

Gift link will be removed from database in rumours when displayed

Renew forestry license with coins

New monster the mimic

Fix for the pool transfer

Fixed Telegram msg when new level

Fix to avoid multiple clics in a button to farm NFTs

Added first approach to Multiaccount detector

Repair kits in shop


Chop and min available in Telegram

Removed colosseum audio glitch with the win audio

Added modifiers in inventory

Improvements in the lost objects bank system

Bail is the 5% of the account balance to be fair with new players

Jail system is noticed in quests

Land owners cant buy his own orders

Land owners can transfer resources to inventory

New shady guy hidden quests ready

Selectors dropdown improvements


Fixed bug where brothels where payed double

Added min max values to DM prices

Shield and weapon integrity

Flee button removed

Better check of forestry license


Gift links deleted in brothels when used

Adjustments in lands productions

Landowners can place orders in the exchange

Players can buy resources

Brothel need wood and stone to be repaired

Inventory shows arrows, wood and stone


Mini guide for new players

New pool status page to see NFTs in pool

Rumours prices and gift links for Dms

Dms can edit rumours

WAXFREN price in the bank

Improvements in leaderboards


Gift links management in settings

Changes in the DM dashboard


Monthly forestry license

Showing HP and MaxHP in inventory

If a brothel can't pay 500 in taxes (sundays 00:00) will be marked as illegal

If a brothel can't pay will be marked as defaulter and the debt is stored

Legal brothels don't have diseases

Negative player modifiers allowed


Brothels can pay taxes weekly (500 coins)

Brothels can add gift links

You can eat food and add hp to maxHP points

Fixed bug with some brothels duplicated

Two more NPCs for Dms

Land owner can manage peasants

Show fishing rod and bow in inventory

Tokenomics sheet linked

Added last item prices to the DM dashboard

Disabled shop items if you own and not need more like rods or master keys

Scan wallet for HP potions box in bank

Arrows and bow available in shop

Forest available in outskirts

Minor bug fixes and improvements


Send food to the game

Improvements in brothel


Catching fishes notify telegram

Resources can be claimed for DICE

Improvements in claim tokens function

DM new features

Minor bug fixes and improvements


New seting to avoid the loading gif glitch

Introducing brothels


Bank lost objects section

Introducing brothels


Outskirts music

Loading screen added again

More pounds added to the fishing system

New FAQ section in the page footer

New team section in the page footer

Search button only saved in database if success.

Cheaper brothels have more diseases.

Brothels prices can't be less than 30 and bigger than 1000.

You need to rest to enter in rumours.

Backpack needed to carry on potions to quests.

Brothels and Outskirts odds higher to save CPU and RAM.

Land production increased to 10/day.

Minor bug fixes and improvements


New brothels leaderboard

Shop backend improvements

New shop items for fishing

Outskirts new menu item to do actions outside the village

Multiple brothels settings

Mode god for DMs new pandemic button

Drink a HP potion in the colosseum before battle

Pet boost +2 in attack

Minor bug fixes and improvements


Fixed empty inventory page for newcommers

Less than 10 in brothel dice roll gets a venereal disease

Venereal disease needs a healing potion

Fixed issue with brothel payments

Brothel owners can view earnings in settings

Healing potions available

DM can manage healing potions price

Fixing colosseum fights HP management

Bank separate transfers

Improvements in bank transfers


Fixed land owner wallet scan

Introducing brothels


Added share button in referral system

Fixed error in the referral system url

Fixed land owner functions repair/upgrade


New referral system

Change tavern sound in settings


Land owners can start mining

Buildings can be upgraded

Buildings can be repaired

Bank prices calculated by the number of players

Land owners can sell resources for WAXFREN

XP rewards in fights rebalanced

Removed the function to recover HP in Colosseum

Added badluck events for HP

Removed player itself from the DM players list

XP and coins rewards rebalanced

Minor bug fixes and improvements


Spending a ticket in colosseum recover full HP

Added DEX modifier to player AC class in colosseum battles


Colosseum leaderboard is open win NFTs each month

App performance improvements

XP and Coins rewards higher in rumours and colosseum battles

Change orange color contrast for accesibility

You need a bedroll to sleep in tavern, check drops!

Showing bedroll in the inventory

DM has a list of players to send good or bad luck events in real time

If the withdrawal fails you will not lose coins

Cahpter 8 available


App performance improvements

Fight button shows an alert


Speed potion adds +2 to Dextery valid the entire quest

Charisma above 25 influences the market prices

You can rest for free in the tavern room


DMs dashboard shop prices management


DMs dashboard improvements

Colosseum open for founders and DMs


DMs new section


Fixing rewards logs

Rumours in tavern


Security on search button only one time a day

Fixed a bug with common weapon save


You can equip magic weapons

System message improvements

New settings page

Leaderboard improvements


Shop shows items owned

Homepage text when you are logged

Show icon if you have the recipes book


Fixed modifiers for stats

Showing master key if owned

Fixed a bug shopping master keys

New booster icons


Can drink xp potions in the inventory

Quest inventory responsive

Leaderboard responsive

Improvement CSRF security

Dice rolls messages shows your modifier

Minor bug fixes and improvements


XP booster valid in all the current chapter


Link to the wiki

Leaderboard with prizes

Shop special items

XP potions (double the xp)


Reset stats in your inventory


Floating messages in quests


You can pay bail to get out of jail


Jail for cheaters and motive explained


Adding pets


Quest mobile improvements


Logout button in home

Time to reset a quest displayed in tavern

Grey chests when opened in rewards section


Reward chests fixed


When a mint fails player be rewarded with coins

XP reward in battles random integer between 10 and 20 multiply by the user level

Changelog available from the footer version number

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